Wednesday, August 19, 2009


We also visited the Twin Falls Temple

Summer Trip to Idaho!!!!!

We went on a long trip with Grandma Kris,Grandpa Eddy, MoMo, Lance, Amy and Justin. It was so fun. We went fishing and camping and white water rafting. Hiking, Swimming we pretty much did it all. we stayed at Amy and Justins in Twin Falls for 2 nights and then went to Sun Valley and then Stanley where we camped on the Salmon River. Myla caught 5 fish she was so exited, she loved her tent and camping and was always watching for bears!!! Livi Dell was always eating rocks and in the dirt but had fun too. My mom planned this whole trip it was great she even had us an agenda for eachday. We loved it i will always remember it only thing wish my whole family and Kellon could have been there........

Saturday, August 8, 2009


We tried Sea World eventhough we were sick it was almost our biggest mistake but here is Myla and her Dad after we watched Shamu....

For once in our lives we went on a family trip i was so exited! Kellon had work classes in San Diego so me and the girls went along for the ride well the flight. The night we got there Myla was so sick anyways we all got sick stayed in the motel almost the entire time sick!!!! it was miserable but we did make it to the beach the last day for a little while Myla and Liv loved it.