Sunday, July 31, 2011

Little Pioneers.... I asked Livi how the walk was? And she said,  "It wasnt a walk". I asked her how the hike was? She said, "it wasnt a hike".  I said, what was it then? she replied a "Hand Tart Ride" So my little pioneers may not be walkers but they had a great time in the hand cart.  We didnt go far but hauling Kayda a mile and a half made me be glad i didnt have to go any  farther or into the Salt Lake Valley........

We have been camping at the Cleveland Ranch north of Pioche for a Hunt reunion it was really fun.  Lots of cousins and fun things to do.  Ali and Ash are about to have to go home to South Dakota in a few weeks and we are very sad. We have enjoyed this summer with them and hate to see them go.  They are sweet little girls and hope they will return next summer for some more good times.....

My little Kayda is growing up.. almost 4 months now... She is chubby and healthy and gettting fun and happy.  Myla doesnt like me to call her chubby she says it hurts her feelings.  She is cute and we cant get enough of her,  the older girls still are not bored with their baby sister and its hard to squeeze in some time with her, She gets plenty of kisses throughout the day.. 

Monday, July 11, 2011

Three Little Ladies

                        Happy 4th of July! We have been having a fun Summer. WE have hung out with lots of cousins and done lots of fun things, and have many more things planned. We rode in a hand cart in the parade.                                                  
Watched the fireworks


visited Salt Lake and seen the Temple

went to Uncle Sams ranch in Nyala rode the horses and had a picnic.

Went to Cherry Creek roasted marshmellows, listened to storys and slept in a tent.Its been a great Summer but unfourtentley all over for our Dad.

Kellon just started Rookie School Today, in about 5 months he will hopefully be a fireman its been a long road and it is about to get a lot longer and tougher, But we know he can do it .....