Friday, July 30, 2010

 Cute little Pioneers!

We went to Nephi to the Ute Stampede and had some 5 genration pictures with there Grandpa Morgan.  He is Paulines dad.  He was so cute with them and fun pretty special to have 5 generations still 

Me and Kellon are off to Alaska on the cruise with all his family and some of mine it will be fun but iam already missing these little girls i will feel bad leaving them Grandpa Lonny promised Myla a trip to Disneyland so that she will remember and that will be there trip. 
Myla's chick Chuck-a

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fourth of July

We had a Reunion at Cherry Creek it was so fun all our cousins came we slept in tents, swam in pools and ate alot. It was fun to see everyone it was our get together before everyone heads there separate ways.  Sarah and Rob are moving the beginning of August to law school, Anne and Lance are heading to Optometry school in Arizona for 3 years Amy and Justin back to Idaho for Radiology school. The rest of us will be around but we are sad and wish all these scholars the best of luck we will miss you!

The Fourth of July was fun Myla and Livi rode next to Hadee and Sophi in the Parade.  My drove the Pink jeep and Hadee in the Mustang. Westyn, Sidney and Shada were somewhere close. The girls ran in races and played hard. There was a volleyball tourn this year it was fun i was on the blue dynamite team we lost in the ship but it was really fun. 

Fireworks were good but not good enough Myla and Liv got sleepy....................