Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tired of waiting............

Livi is Tired of Waiting for her little sister to come she always says not born yet......

I find her in the babies room going through the clothes all the time, she takes all the clothes out of the drawers and stuffs them back in.

And Myla has Spring Fever and is tired of waiting......... for Spring and Summer. She wants to wear Flip Flops and have Picnics

We did a little craft, painted snakes it was pretty intense. Livi painted hers so many colors it turned out gray and Myla was so picky it had to be just so and just right and had to re due hers a couple times.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Little friend Raptor

This post is for Aunt Mo Mo and Amy. They come up with this little dog and it ended up that it couldn't stay at thier house in St george- so Grandma Kris brought it home to Alamo.  We make it stay at Grandpa Eddys but we have our share of fun with him.  He is tiny and cute , Liv has scratchs all over her face hence the name raptor.. but i think she holds him just a little to tight. So Mary and Amy here is some picts of your little fella in Alamo.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Well it has been awhile... Basketball has kept me busy but our season is complete and we ended the year as State Champs. It was so fun if i wouldnt have been so large and Pregnant it would have been even better. But it was a great season... Kellon is busy working and racing and the girls are busy growing up and getting ready for thier baby sister, they are really exited. We fight slightly over names Myla is on my side and Livi on her dads so we just dont talk much about it we will figure that out later. Next week i will be 35 weeks were hoping to have her sooner than later. Life is good and the weather is just about right let the fun begin.