Monday, October 19, 2009

WEll Liv turned 1 and Myla turned 3 the end of August, we had a party with cousins at the park. Livi is walking now and finally has two teeth. Myla is going to preschool and is pretty much in charge. Kellon is working for Robby Gordon and is in Charlotte N.C. for awhile. He will be doing a rally with him in Chile in January. Kellon has won the last 2 races in his little ranger with the help of Quinn, and Tyrel his right hand men. I am working a windmill still and will soon be coaching (JV) basketball, im exited. Life is good for us we miss our dad but he will be home soon. Sarah is soon to have another baby girl and ang's boys are growing up we love all our cousins and miss them all.


  1. Yes! Way to go Kell, congrats on the last two races. Thanks for the update Mill. I love looking at your pics. In the pic with Livi and her cake her bangs are so cute. Did you just get them cut? We miss you.

  2. I cannot believe your girls are 1 and 3...where does the time go? They are so cute :)