Monday, December 7, 2009

Merry Christmas

We are getting ready for Christmas and its so fun this year, But still have one problem Myla is deathly afraid of Santa Claus. We told her if she doesnt set on his lap and tell him what she wants she will get a lump of coal and she said she will tell Livi and she will tell him for her. That is her plan use Liv...

Kellon has been home for a few weeks now. Shocking, and very fun but it wont last long after Christmas he flys to Chile for a race down there.

Myla has been baking again, and Livi is so wild in to seriously everything .. starting to wander outside now too.


  1. Your girls are so adorable! Email me at so I can add you to my list of blog readers. I had to go private because I kept getting weird people commenting that I had no clue who they were.

  2. I love the girls Christmas dresses, so so cute! Too funny about Myla...Colin and Jaidyn are totally opposite, Colin would probably freak about Santa and Jaidyn will just talk his ear off :)

  3. They are sooo adorable. I think little Livi looks like you and Myla looks more like Kellon. Let's hope she gets over that phobia of Santa Clause. haha.

  4. Seriously so cute! Thats hilarious that Myla was dragging Livi into her problem. ha ha. She is so funny. I just dont get it, why are all little kids scared of santa? (hello he brings gifts) I'm glad that Kell has been home for a while. Thats good. I cant believe how dark Livi's hair is getting. Love you guys. See you soon