Monday, July 11, 2011

Three Little Ladies

                        Happy 4th of July! We have been having a fun Summer. WE have hung out with lots of cousins and done lots of fun things, and have many more things planned. We rode in a hand cart in the parade.                                                  
Watched the fireworks


visited Salt Lake and seen the Temple

went to Uncle Sams ranch in Nyala rode the horses and had a picnic.

Went to Cherry Creek roasted marshmellows, listened to storys and slept in a tent.Its been a great Summer but unfourtentley all over for our Dad.

Kellon just started Rookie School Today, in about 5 months he will hopefully be a fireman its been a long road and it is about to get a lot longer and tougher, But we know he can do it ..... 


  1. The picture if the girls outside the cute. Myla is like a little cheerleader. Lol. Congrats to Kellon. That's awesome. miss ya. Xo

  2. You at Cherry Creek made me think back about when we would spend time together in the summer. It sounds like you guys are having a blast, good for you. Keep it up!!

  3. email me and let me know if you can or cannot see my blog. I sent you an invite awhile back just let me know if you got it.