Thursday, October 21, 2010


              I aplogize alot of our blogs are about racing but thats what we do alot of.......Livi was helping dad prep the truck she wanted to have a nap down there.  She actually caused some problems - she put a screw driver somewhere in the wheel and when Kellon went to back up it got stuck and in order to get it out of the rim and wheel he had to take the tire off so really she wasnt any help at all..........

This was the first day finish line in Parker AZ. He raced two days 50 miles each day tipped the truck the last day and got second.

Doesnt matter how early the race is though or how he does Kellon still has his fans. It was about 6:30 in the morning so these two were not at there best!! They were not happy that their dad lost and wanted to throw rocks at the Yellow truck that beat him.....

Myla had a preschool Halloween party already and a witch she was. Her costume was itchy so i put an under armor soft shirt of Kellons on her and she started to cry this smells like my father and iam not my father.........


  1. Hey it has been awhile. I didnt even know that you and all your sisters had blogs until Crystal said something to me the other day. I am so excited to get to see everyone on a blog how weird am I. Your family is so cute. I was laughing about I am not my dad story, and if I remember right she is the one that I think looks just like him. Well my blog is private so I just need you to email me so I can send you an invite... my email is (Jenn has a blog also.)
    Love Ya, Jessica

  2. Milly so cute!! Your little girls are so beautiful (even dressed as a witch), Westyn and I love them to death... When I ask him who his friends are Myla is always first on the list and Livi is second!! Lets get together this week!!