Monday, October 11, 2010

We love the Fall


Myla loves the rain 

her little sister

   and cherry creek  
        We had a get together at cherry creek it was fun the old cabin doesnt look to bad even has a new porch a bathroom and a tub.

I love her pretty little smile

Liv had a little surjery recently they put tubes in her ears she did good and seems better already.  She was so cute in her little hospital gown and looked so tiny...



Livi loves her dog Skunk Face 


and i love her big brown eyes


  1. And I love.... you guys!!
    Some of the pictures werent showing up, I wonder why? Super cute pics and I love the fall in Alamo too. I'm glad lil Liv is doing better. I love their rain outfits-so cute!

  2. Lookin good girlies!! I think I have the cutest neices.... I can't believe liv and her eyes, so beautiful!!

  3. Your cousin Crystal here--I am blog stalking. I got on Kimberly's to get an update on her little one and now I am getting an update on so many cousins. I love it. It helps me stay in touch, so I hope you don't mind that I add you to my blog friends. Email me at if it is OK. My blog is private so I will need your email if you want to see:) Love ya. . . your girls are CUTE!!!