Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We were in Beatty where the race started, and was suppose to make it to Reno that night but unfourtunetly the race truck broke down and by Tonapha we were heading home to Alamo better luck next time dad!

We had birthday parties Myla turned 4 and Liv turned 2 we had so much fun and loved to have our friends over.


  1. I love love love it when you update! I feel bad about Kells race. He will do better next time for sure. Im glad that the girls party turned out good lol Im sure the cake was fabulous... You should have posted a pic of it.

  2. Look at you racer girls!!You are the best lookin pit crew around thats for sure. And the birthday party was fun, I am glad I could come, and thanks for feeding us dinner. Happy b day girlies.