Friday, March 4, 2011

Well it has been awhile... Basketball has kept me busy but our season is complete and we ended the year as State Champs. It was so fun if i wouldnt have been so large and Pregnant it would have been even better. But it was a great season... Kellon is busy working and racing and the girls are busy growing up and getting ready for thier baby sister, they are really exited. We fight slightly over names Myla is on my side and Livi on her dads so we just dont talk much about it we will figure that out later. Next week i will be 35 weeks were hoping to have her sooner than later. Life is good and the weather is just about right let the fun begin.

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  1. Your girls are so cute! Can't wait to see who wins the name battle! Congrats on being State Champs! What an awesome coach!