Monday, March 7, 2011

Little friend Raptor

This post is for Aunt Mo Mo and Amy. They come up with this little dog and it ended up that it couldn't stay at thier house in St george- so Grandma Kris brought it home to Alamo.  We make it stay at Grandpa Eddys but we have our share of fun with him.  He is tiny and cute , Liv has scratchs all over her face hence the name raptor.. but i think she holds him just a little to tight. So Mary and Amy here is some picts of your little fella in Alamo.


  1. Cute!!! Your girls are getting so big!!! Tyler keeps bugging me to get Noah a dog...not happening. lol.

  2. How cute! Puppies that live at Grandma and Grandpa's house are the best! All the fun, none of the responsibility!

  3. Your girls are so cute, I cant believe that you were pregnant and playing bball. I love to play but not sure I would be dedicated enough to play pregnant. You go girl! Make sure you inform us on your blog when you have your baby. Without grandma here (even without grandma nelson) not sure if us in Utah will here when you have her. So make sure you dont forget to let us know, we are so excited for you guys.