Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tired of waiting............

Livi is Tired of Waiting for her little sister to come she always says not born yet......

I find her in the babies room going through the clothes all the time, she takes all the clothes out of the drawers and stuffs them back in.

And Myla has Spring Fever and is tired of waiting......... for Spring and Summer. She wants to wear Flip Flops and have Picnics

We did a little craft, painted snakes it was pretty intense. Livi painted hers so many colors it turned out gray and Myla was so picky it had to be just so and just right and had to re due hers a couple times.


  1. so cute!! I can't wait for Little Walch Baby Girl to get here,Spring, Summer, Wearing Flip flops and PICNICS!! Waiting is hard:)

  2. i love this so so much... i seriously cant believe how grown up and big your girls are. its crazy,,miss you tons